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Who We Are

About WPC

The Background Story

The growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia significantly supports the national economy. According to 2019 data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, over 90% of the economic sector is supported by SMEs, with large companies contributing less than 10%. This indicates that SMEs are the foundation of Indonesia’s economy. Enhancing their capabilities in the current Digital Era will significantly impact the national economy.

Drawing on over 10 years of experience, WPC has supported female SMEs with 15,000 members and has successfully established approximately 1,700 local female SME brands through the well-established IWPC business incubation program, with some expanding their reach internationally. We believe that building SMEs is a real and effective way to develop Indonesia.

SMEs, despite their simplicity, possess business processes that are vital and cannot be ignored, particularly in the context of today’s digital competitive landscape. To support these businesses, workshops are offered, led by skilled facilitators and practitioners. These workshops lay down essential foundations that SME business owners can directly implement in their operations.

Our Vision

Becoming the best women's organization in Indonesia in the development of women's economic empowerment.

Our Mission

1. Empowering a million women to thrive economically.

2. Strengthening the creative economic ecosystem built by women through collaboration among members, partners, and all stakeholders.

3. Actively contributing to the empowerment of women's economy in Indonesia.

3 Development Pillars

Capacity Building

  1. Strengthening SME management
  2. Business incubation
  3. Intensive mentoring and coaching
  4. Online training
  5. Support and guidance
  6. Product curation
  7. Enhancing product quality

Market Access

  1. Collaboration with third parties
  2. Karyaperempuan Marketplace
  3. Partnerships with companies
  4. Government partnerships

Financial Access

  1. Partnerships with financial Institutions
  2. Financing facilities
  3. Equipment facilities


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